About Us - Crawler Crane Hire

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About Us - Crawler Crane Hire

Healthy & Safety

One of our core principles states:

‘The right for every employee and other stakeholder to have a safe working environment whilst working in or with Hawks Hire. Using a wealth of experience and attention to detail, we ensure all safe processes are explored and executed to the highest degree of competency.’

We believe that every individual who interacts with Hawks Hire has a right to a safe working environment and to go home in the same state. We invest heavily into constantly improving our Health & Safety and will strive to lead the lifting industry to ensure a safe working environment for stakeholders.

Our operations are fully compliant with the British Standards 7121 Safe Use of Cranes and the latest LOLER Regulations. All our personnel are CSCS/CPCS qualified and are trained to the highest standards set by Hawks Hire.


BS7121 is commended by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to those who have duties under the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974 [5]). It is provided as a code of guidance and recommendations to the industry.  All Hawks Hire’s safe system of work, management, planning, selection, erection & dismantling, inspection, testing, examination, maintenance of cranes and the planning and management of lifting operations are guided from BS 7121.

Latest set of Approved Code of Practice and guidance (ACOP) for the LOLER Regulations (1998)

LOLER came into force on December 5 1998. Since it’s conception Hawks Hire are constantly updated with each revision of the LOLER regulations.  We always strive not only to meet the LOLER regulations, but go beyond its recommendations to ensure all safe processes are explored during lifting procedures.