Cranes for Sale

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Welcome to our crane sales page. With 30 years of experience in the industry, we have a pretty good idea about which cranes are right for any particular job. We select used cranes for sale that are reliable, proven, versatile and offer excellent value for your money. We know it, we've been using them ourselves.

If you already know exactly what you are looking for, go ahead and click on the category of the crane you have in mind. Within each category, you will find our current selection.

If you still haven't committed to a specific model you might find our guide to selecting the right machine useful. Here are some of the questions you want to ask before deciding on which used crane to buy.

 1. Safety

The safety elements of the equipment you consider purchasing should be among the more important considerations. We only offer cranes from well-known manufacturers and all of our machines are fully compliant with European safety standards.

2. Total cost




























This includes not only the initial price but also the cost of maintenance and usage as well. At Hawks Hire, we make sure that the cranes we stock are properly maintained and are in great working condition. Many models allow for easy transportation, lowering the cost of operation significantly.

 3. Expert opinion

If you are not the person who will operate the crane, it is a good idea to bring an operator along or at least ask the opinion of one. They might have questions about practicalities that you don't think of but might make the difference between the right and wrong machine. Our crane operators have completed many successful projects across the UK, use our knowledge to your advantage!

4. Consider the job conditions

What sort of jobs do you need the machine for? Is it mainly rough terrain or flat surface? Will there be a lot of heavy loads or is it mostly smaller jobs in tight places? What about travelling distance to and from your base? How big is your area of operation?

5. Extra features

Many of the models we carry come with innovative new features that greatly increase their usability in different lifting situations. A well-designed equipment may seem more expensive at first but may bring in more income later due to it's increased capabilities. Ask us about technical details!

Telescopic Crawler Cranes

These modern, advanced cranes for sale can be an excellent long-term investment for anyone looking to buy versatile construction equipment. Click here to see our current selection of used hydraulic crawler cranes for sale.

Lattice Crawler Cranes

If you are looking for a reliable, proven used crane for sale, lattice boom crawlers have stood the test of time across the UK market in countless lifting projects. Check out our current lattice crawler cranes for sale.