Cranes for hire

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Welcome to our crane hire page. With decades of experience in the industry, we have done it all and seen it all. We are very confident that we can come up with a solution if you are looking for a crawler crane for hire. Whatever your job requirements are, chances are that we have completed a similar project before and can suggest the right machine to complete the job.











If you are an experienced contractor and know exactly what you need, go ahead and choose the category of the crane(s) you have in mind. Within the categories, you will find our current selection of cranes available for hire. But even if you don't find the exact model you are looking for, do give us a call as we constantly buying and selling cranes, we just might have the one you need but it might not have made it onto our website yet.

If you have a lifting project to complete but don't have the know-how to plan and execute the job, you are in the right place too. We offer a free consultation before you commit. An experienced project manager can assess the site and advise you on your best options. Give us a call to arrange that!

Here are a few pointers you want to consider before you decide on which crane hire company you choose.

Safety - All of our cranes for hire are regularly maintained are in excellent working condition. We send our own highly trained crane operators for every job, not someone from an agency. We have an extensive insurance policy that covers every aspect of the lifting job, so you can have complete peace of mind when working with us.

Flexibility - Test us! We have completed many successful projects with special requirements. We maintain an excellent connection network within the industry and can arrange the right equipment for any job.

Know-how - We have floated a crane up a river to get to the site before. We have worked night shifts and day shifts in all sorts of weather conditions. We have helped in construction sites, road work projects, installed piles for wind farms and lifted just about everything that can be lifted. We will get your job done safely and efficiently.​​


Telescopic Crawler Cranes

Our state-of-the-art telescopic crawler cranes are among the most popular construction equipment in the world and for good reason. These cranes are fully compliant with European regulations and able to do precision jobs even in inner city sites.

Lattice Crawler Cranes

Lattice crawler cranes are doing the bulk of lifting jobs in the UK. They are simpler but effective machines and have proven their worth again and again in demanding conditions.