Passionate crane people

Hawks people are passionate crane people. We pride ourselves on providing a modern, up-to-date range of machinery that gives you, our customer, a consistent, reliable and efficient service.

When you use our services and staff, you’ll have peace of mind that we can be trusted to do the right thing in a safe and professional manager.

Our business was started by passionate crane people and that’s the way we’ve carried on. We hire people like us, passionate crane people, highly skilled individuals that are the best at what they do. That starts at the top and carries on right to the ground floor.


Hawks was founded in 2014 by current Managing Director Elliot Hawkins with some ageing IHI 40 tonne capacity lattice crawler cranes. The company strategy quickly developed, with Elliot selling off his aging fleet and invested in a range of modern cranes that enabled Hawks to provide a competitive and superior service.

In 2016 Hawks invested in its first telescopic crawler crane, a Liebherr LTR 1100, which opened further opportunities for growth. Since 2016 the company has also been active in the heavy lift sector, thanks to its acquisition of new 160, 250 and 300/350 tonne lattice boom crawler cranes.

With both standard crane hire and contract lift work as offerings, the heavy lift sector offers an opportunity for achieving the high growth targets set by the company.

“We believe that with passionate and competent individuals, something special can be achieved!”

Elliot Hawkins


Passion and professionalism are part of our culture. With the long hours required to succeed in the crane industry, it’s essential that people spend their working life enjoying what they do – and that’s why it’s top of the agenda for when it comes to working at Hawks. 

Operating this type of equipment also requires a high level of professionalism and commitment to ensure the highest levels of service and safety can be provided throughout any contract, which means all our employees are up-to-date with the latest health & safety legislation, as well as the latest in best practice.

Fully Employed Technicians

Hawks runs a ‘no agency’ policy. This means every member of the lifting team is a full-time employee. However, when we need additional personnel, we only take them from a carefully vetted list of sub-contractors.

Like our in-house staff they are all interviewed and assessed by accessors at our training school in Dartford, giving you the peace of mind when it comes to a Hawks’s Crane hire or Contract lift, knowing that only trained professionals will be executing your lift.