CPA Crane Hire

  • Under a CPA crane hire agreement, the client organizes their own insurance for the plant and goods being lifted
  • All liabilities for lifting remain with the client
  • Client to provide lifting accessories and ancillary equipment, Hawks to provide crane and crane operator 
  • Client to provide lift plan written by an Appointed Person
  • Client to provide Crane Supervisor
  • Client to provide Slinger/Signaller
  • Client to provide suitable ground to withstand pressures exerted from the crane. GBP’s to be provided by Hawks in advance of lifting operation.

Contract Lift

  • Hawks to provide insurance to cover the load cost, and all liabilities whilst items are lifted
  • Hawks to provide a suitable crane, lifting accessories and all other ancillary equipment to aid in the lifting process
  • Hawks to provide a lift plan by competent, experienced and fully trained Appointed Person (AP)
  • Hawks to provide a Crane Supervisor to follow methodology set by the AP in the lifting plan
  • Hawks to provide a competent Slinger/Signaller under guidance from the Crane Supervisor
  • Client to provide suitable ground to withstand pressures exerted from the crane. GBP’s to be provided by Hawks in advance of the lifting operation.

Why choose contract lift

Under a CPA (Construction Plant Hire Association) crane hire agreement we would be responsible for providing a well-maintained crane together with a competent CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme) qualified operator (if required.) Besides this the liabilities to plan and supervise the lifting procedure remain with the client

A bespoke package

If a client has a particularly complex lift, or has limited experience with lifting items, we can provide a bespoke package for a fully contracted lift tailored to you and your project.  The bespoke package sees us provide all lifting management duties, organized by one of our experienced, fully-trained Appointed Persons, alongside a Lifting Supervisor, who ensures that the lifting operation goes ahead as planned by the Appointed Person, and a Slinger/Signaller, who communicates with the Crane Operator and fits lifting accessories to the load and hook of the crane.

A bespoke package ensures complete piece of mind for our customers, who will know their lifts are being organized by experienced, fully-trained and qualified professionals.  Under this contract the liability remains with Hawks throughout the lifting procedure.

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